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=> Why would I want to start my own ezine?

That's a really good question. It would help to know exactly what an ezine it before trying to answer that question, though. If an ezine is just an electronic magaizine, as the name implies, there is still the matter of whether it has an email format or a webpage format. This is an important matter, since each suggests a different set of parameters for content, layout, distribution, and many other aspects discussed in the article, "How To Start Your Own Ezine In Eight Steps" by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta. So this discussion may branch into 2 different directions: one for webpage-ezines and one for email-ezines.

Let us continue...

=> What kind of information or content will I put there?

Web-based eZines Email-based eZines

=> What kind of resource, knowledge or information do I have that's uniquely mine; that which other people need?

Web-based eZines Email-based eZines

=> How do I create a need for the kind of information I have?

Web-based eZines Email-based eZines

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