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So now you're ready to roll. You've got your alternate email address stuck firmly in your head so than when you're asked for it for any reason, you can give it without fear of being spammed. That's because all that mail will be directed to your "spam-box" and not there to greet you every time you log on to your main email account.

Some people use web-based email accounts as a sort of filing cabinet for junk mail, because not all junk mail is really junk. Sometimes it's just stuff you don't need to check except maybe about half as often as you log on to the internet.

If you want to keep that kind of stuff separate from the real junk, but still not in your main email inbox, TheWebPixies have listed a few other places to get free web-based email. As you surf the web more and more, you will find there are more and more places to set up email accounts.

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