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Eggs EdgeviewNet
fun computer surprises described by cNET
Have you ever wanted to check out those "easter eggs" that you've heard about in software but you just haven't gotten around to it yet? Or maybe you just don't know where to start! Here is your chance to check them out now with a self-guided tour provided by cNET, a prime source for computer software and hardware information, besides a whole lot else.
Just click on any of the three easter egg links below...
Windows Easter Eggs
from cNET

Windows Application Easter Eggs
from cNET

Internet Easter Eggs
from cNET

Suppose you've never heard of easter eggs in software. You can find out all about it very quickly from cNET by starting with the links below. Then be sure to check back to find out more at the three Easter Egg Links above.
Find out about software easter eggs from cNET....
Easter Eggs in your Software

The Easter Egg Archive

The Easter Egg Page

Click on the easter eggs on the sides of this page for free fun or useful goodies!

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