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Wisteria welcome mat

Wonderfully mauve "Wisteria"... you know, we have never been able to successfully grow a mauve Wisteria... we have a beautiful pink one growing on our back fence, and I love it, but our two attempts to grow a mauve one on our pergola have failed miserably.  Mind you, we haven't even been able to grow a Bourgonvillia on our pergola, and they're supposed to grow like weeds, so I guess you could say that Callan and I don't have "green thumbs"!  Never mind, here's the next best thing...

These graphics form a set - they were created for and on this background.   Try to use the individual graphics on any other background and I think you'll wish you hadn't!   As this is "linkware", the little graphics logo at the end of this page must be included on every page that uses the set with a link back to Cathedral Graphics

Wisteria bar

Right click on these images to download - please do NOT link directly to them as I will be updating often, and occasionally even removing sets.

This set uses frames and tables.  To see how it was done, feel free to view page source, or if you're not conversant with the use of frames and tables, email me to get the whole kit and kaboodle in a handy dandy zip file, including all the necessary .htm files.  All you need do is save the zip to a directory on your hard drive, unzip, upload everything to your server, and edit the text to suit.

And now, here's the full set for you, including an "alternate" welcome mat (see below)!


Wisteria alternative welcome mat

Wisteria bar

Wisteria back button  Wisteria home button  Wisteria next button

Wisteria small bullet  Wisteria large bullet  Wisteria small bullet

Wisteria journal button  Wisteria personal button  Wisteria gallery button

Wisteria resources button  Wisteria forum button  Wisteria webrings button

Wisteria friends button  Wisteria causes button  Wisteria awards button

Wisteria guestbook button  Wisteria blank button  Wisteria updates button

Wisteria email button


"Wisteria" uses the font "Hancock" on the buttons and Welcome mats. If you have trouble locating it, or are unable for whatever reason to create your own extra buttons from the blank provided,  please don't hesitate to email me and ask me to do it for you - you'll find I'm very reasonable about such matters.

Other co-ordinated colours used for this set are:

  • Background #B4B9E7
  • Main Text #6F69A5
  • Hyperlink #9268A6
  • Visited Hyperlink #9268A6
  • Active Hyperlink #6F69A5



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