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The EdgeviewNet Community wishes to welcome you to EdgeviewNet Science.

On the following pages you will find links to some fun and fascinating sites about science. The content of these sites could hold the interest of almost anyone over 10 years old...and some curious ones younger than 10. For an overview of the links this site has to offer, just click the navigation links at the bottom of each page to proceed to the NEXT page or to go BACK to the previous page. The HOME will take you to the EdgeviewNet Homepage.

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Many of the best science sites on the web appear at first to be sites intended for children. A few minutes' surfing reveals, however, that the sites may stretch beyond the grasp of the average American youngster. Some sites challenge most lay adults. These are the kinds of sites that were chosen to be included on this site. They were chosen to help you stretch your grasp of our world.

EdgeviewNet Science Links-Set #1
Livermore Laboratory
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Meteor Shower Audio
Exploring the Sun

EdgeviewNet Science Links-Set #2
2014 Mars Launch

Mars Terraforming Agency
Welcome to Mars Terraforming

EdgeviewNet Science Links-Set #3
Travel the World Tonight
Bugs Interactive

Dark Matter
Spinning Black Holes

EdgeviewNet Science Links-Set #4
National Earthquake Center
Earthquake FAQs
Your backyard is shaking

Seismic Hazard Maps
Earthquake Hazards Program
It's been shaking a long time

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