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Stone Cameo welcome mat

Stone Cameo bar

Right click on these images and the wallpaper to download - please do NOT link directly to them as I will be updating often, and occasionally even removing sets.

As you may have noticed, this is a "Frames" set.  "Why use frames?", you may ask.  Frames keep page loading time down to a minimum - once the frameset has been downloaded to a browser, it stays there as visitors view your site.  Instead of a new page of graphics having to be downloaded or updated all the time, only the middle or bottom part of the page needs to change, thereby saving time and bandwidth.

Stone Cameo bar

"Stone Cameo" - I was a little short on the old imagination when I named this set, too, wasn't I?!  Oh well... it's sort of slightly pinkish, and carved, and stony...  If you can think of a better name for it, I'll rename it, and give you credit for the renaming!

These graphics form a set - they were created for and on this background.   Try to use the individual graphics on any other background and I think you'll wish you hadn't!  If you'd like to use this framed set but are unsure of how to construct a framed page, email me and I will be happy to send you the whole kit and kaboodle zipped up with instructions.  As this is "linkware", the little graphics logo at the end of this page must be included on every page that uses the set with a link back to

And now, here's the full set for you!

transbrd.gif (859 bytes)

Stone Cameo welcome mat
Stone Cameo bar


Stone Cameo back button     Stone Cameo home button     Stone Cameo next button

Stone Cameo small bullet    Stone Cameo medium bullet    Stone Cameo large bullet    Stone Cameo medium bullet    Stone Cameo small bullet

Stone Cameo journal button     Stone Cameo personal button     Stone Cameo gallery button

Stone Cameo links button     Stone Cameo forum button     Stone Cameo webrings button

Stone Cameo friends button     Stone Cameo photos button     Stone Cameo awards button

Stone Cameo guestbook button     Stone Cameo blank button     Stone Cameo updates button

Stone Cameo email button


transbrd.gif (859 bytes)

"Stone Cameo" uses the font "ArnoldBoeD" on the buttons.   If you have trouble locating it, or are unable for whatever reason to create your own extra buttons from the blank provided,  please don't hesitate to email me and ask me to do it for you - you'll find I'm very reasonable about such matters.

Other co-ordinated colours used for this set are:

  • Main Text #757271 (bold)
  • Hyperlink #65667D (bold)
  • Visited Hyperlink #667C78 (bold)
  • Active Hyperlink #878B79 (bold)



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