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As Fresh As...


(or should that have been "Greenthings and saladations"?)  As you can see, this is a little bit different from my usual sets... it uses both frames and nested tables - quite an unusual effect, don't you think? As Fesh As, in fact!  As fresh as a daisy... as fresh as a breath of fresh air (or whatever passes for fresh air these days)   You can "mix-n-match" any of the buttons in the top frame - just don't forget that they have to go in a table, or they won't sit properly on the page.  Have a look at my page source if you're not sure how to do it.

So anyway, to cut through the preamble, you all know the score - if you don't like/know how to use frames and/or tables, email me for the whole kit and kaboodle, including any and all .htm files, so that all you have to do is unzip, edit (add your own text), and upload to your own server...  Simple!

These graphics form a set - they were created for and on this background.   Try to use the individual graphics on any other background and I think you'll wish you hadn't!  As this is "linkware", the little graphics logo at the end of this page must be included on every page that uses these graphics with a link back to

And now, along with the three buttons in the top frame, here's the rest of the set for you!

Fresh As bar


Fresh As welcome mat
Fresh As bar

Fresh As back buttonFresh As home buttonFresh As next button

Fresh As small bullet     Fresh As large bullet     Fresh As small bullet

Fresh As journal buttonFresh As personal buttonFresh As graphics button

Fresh As resources buttonFresh As forum buttonFresh As webrings button

Fresh As friends buttonFresh As photos buttonFresh As awards button

Fresh As updates buttonFresh As blank button

Fresh As bar

"Fresh As..."   uses the font "Agatha" on the buttons.   If you have trouble locating it, or are unable for whatever reason to create your own extra buttons from the blank provided, please don't hesitate to email me and ask me to do it for you - you'll find I'm very reasonable about such matters.

Other co-ordinated colours used for this set are:

  • Main Text #2C342C
  • Hyperlink #737D7B
  • Visited Hyperlink #6B7B73
  • Active Hyperlink #7A7D73



Cathedral Graphics - by Winter