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The sets are all categorized into three groups. You're free to download them for personal use, under Terms and Conditions.  If you're using them on commercial pages, you'll have to contact me and we will discuss the pricing.  

27/May/99 Set of The Moment "Dreaming Bear" and a set of love "A Knot in Peace" (romantic, lovely, beautiful set) 

17/May/99 Set of The Moment "Marble" 

06/Mar/99 Set of The Week "Golden Sand" and some other design sets (mostly BladePro stuff) "Warped Blue" and "Darkly Hideous" 

27-28/Feb/99 Set of The Week "Spheres 'N Dreams" and another design set "Jewelled in Green". 

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Angel Set  .  Snowflake Set . Emblem Star Set  

Victorian Set . Sunspark Set . Abstract Set  

Weird Set  .  Design Set  .  Ursula Oceania Set  

ColorWire Set  . Purple Ballerina Set   

Bluerose Set  .  Greenrose Set  .  L-ee Set  

Moonlit Set  .  Twisted Face Set  .  Children from Victoria Set  
SunSet Set  .  YinYang Set  .  Grape Fantasy Set  

Deco Vines Set  .  Magic Crystal Set  .  Feather Light Set 

Blue Autumn Set  .  Scattered Jewels Set  .  Gem Painting Set 

Spheres 'N Dreams Set  .  Jewelled in Green  Set 

Golden Sand Set  .  Warped Blue Set  .  Darkly Hideous Set  

Marble Set  .  A Knot in Peace  Set 

Kids Graphics (about 6 sets)  


Christmas Set . Autumn Set . Valentine Set .   

New Xmas Set  .  Flowery Heart Valentines Set  


Here's a a few backgrounds without buttons and stuff.  
*new* Daffodil  
*new* TeaAngel  

Fur & Feather . Weaving . Yellow Blob  

Pinkish & Purplish . Victorian Woman  .  Believe in Cross  

Sky Blue . Cherry . Maroon Scales . Blue Scales  

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Contact Spinelli for pricing/information/help.  

Note : This background and its corresponding graphics were created using PSP5 brush and picture tubes. Please do not download them..they are for my pages only.  

Poinsetta tube from Jasc  .  Poinsetta brush from CyberBuny  

Do not borrow any graphics that are not in free graphics section. Thanks..!  
Copyright 1998-1999 Spinelli, The Art Alley 
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