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Life on Edgeview Lane
Tuesday, 27 November 2007
No more fake vets

I recently heard something that I hope is not true.

We became aware that Home Depot and Lowe's were offering a discount on purchases by active duty and veteran military members a few years ago.  Now we heard that the discount is only offered on 3 holidays a year because non-vets were claiming to be veterans or active duty militaryjust to get the discount. 

When the discount practice was in effect, Home Depot and Lowe's employees didn't ask for verification, something any vet asking for the discount would be prepared to offer.  Instead, some (many? most? all?) Home Depot and Lowe's employees would give the discount to anyone who asked.

This is another example of our nation's veterans and active duty service members are being taken advantage of - this time by people unscupulous enough to claim to be vets, falsely, just to save a few bucks. 

The two companies, Home Depot and Lowe's, end up giving away more dollars in discounts than anticipated so they made adjustments.  Home Depot and Lowe's buckled to the unscrupulous behavior of their employees who made the decision to give the discounts to anyone who claimed to be a veteran.

I would really like to know whether there was anything else that went into the decision by Home Depot and Lowe's to change their discount policies for those who have sacrificed much for us.

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Updated: Wednesday, 28 November 2007 7:19 PM EST
Thursday, 22 November 2007
What a Thanksgiving in EdgeviewLand!
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The day started off well enough.  It wasn't going to be a traditional Thanksgiving in the midwest.  That's mostly because my husband thought he would have to work today.  He found out Monday that he had the holiday off.  That didn't give us much time to make plans, so we just decided to have a nice day off in the middle of the week.

But it was just not to be.  We decide to get a pizza, since that's the only thing that was open and we weren't planning on cooking.  My husband ordered the pizza and drove to the nearby small town to pick it up and get the mail, since he was in town anyway.

So far, so good.  He stopped at our small town post office and picked up the mail.  That gave the pizza place time to get the pizza ready.  It turns out they had plenty of time to get the pizza ready.  When my husband got back to the car after picking up the mail, the car was dead.

I had been on the phone with my friend in southern Florida when he left.  The call-waiting had chimed in a couple of times, but I usually only allow an incoming call to interrupt a conversation if I am expecting a call.  I didn't answer, since I wasn't expecting any calls from anyone, until the third call-waiting interruption. 

 Finally, my husband was able to get through to me to ask me to come pick him up.  We ran over to the pizza place and found ourselves shocked and appalled.  The place was closed!  Where was our pizza!  Why didn't they let us know they would be closing soon when we called in the pizza!

An unusual Thanksgiving but not necessarily a memorable one, but only time will tell.

Posted by edgeviewnet at 11:10 PM EST

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