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If you would like to have your own personal homepage, this is one place to get started. Whether you want to create your own website or let the EdgeviewNet WebPixies create one for you, we're here to help you set up your own personal website to share with family and friends, or to just make your own web-browsing easier.

If your ready to get started right away, click on 5-Your Site under Site Contents, above.

If you'd like to explore some ideas for your webpage before jumping in, then just read on.

The quickest way to get ideas for your site is to browse the links at the upper right of this and the following pages. These WebPixie creations were selected for you to sample on each of the pages that make up this site. Each of them contains other links where you can explore more ideas for your site.

People build homepages for many reasons. One of the most popular reasons, other than dabbling in "e-commerce," is to maintain day to day contact with relatives and friends, whether separated by distance or by hectic schedules. Popular content for these types of homepages usually features the latest family photos. Occasionally, a "family letter" is added, similar to those that many families traditionally send out over the winter holidays.

One expample of a family homepage is this birthday party homepage and website. It features pictures of the birthday boy and assorted activities happening at his 2nd birthday party. It was posted so that the author could share her pictures with the rest of the family. It also gave the mom the opportunity to show off her wonder-child to her friends at work.

Another family-oriented site featured photos from a family reunion. (Check it out and see if you can find the baby's dad.) This particular website is really only of interest to the family that held the reunion. It's a great way to share the get-together with family members that were not able to attend. It's also a great way to share the photos you take at the event with the folks that will travel miles away before they have a chance to see them.

One understandable concern many of us have about posting family pictures on the web is the idea that those pictures are out there for all to see. That concern often evaporates as you post a few pages that you don't mind showing the whole world. Put a "hit-counter" on your first few pages and you will soon find that it is virtually impossible to get anyone to visit your site unless you send them a personal invitation. But if that is not ease every concern, all webpages and websites created by the WebPixies can be password-protected. You may then share the password only with those you wish to have access to the webpage or website.