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New Home Computers
PC's & the internet
Lots of people write about computers and the internet. Many of them are experts, but we are not. TheWebPixies are just every day users of their home computers who enjoy surfing the web. In the course of our travels we run across things that simply must be shared, either because it is useful or maybe fun or maybe just an interesting curiosity. We have also found that many of our friends are buying personal computers, even those who used to swear they would never touch them. We'd love to share our fun web experiences with them and anyone else who might happen to stumble upon this page.
The first thing any new web-surfer needs is a vague understanding of the lingo. It's not necessary to know every acronym or slang expression, but it's good to have a place where you can go to look up what you want to know.

How do you "get there," you may ask? Where do you need to go to find this place where you can look up what you want to know? To go to this place you must learn the name for what disguishes a web page from a paper page. Besides the fact that you normally view it on a computer monitor, this primary distinguishing feature is called THE LINK. Books have footnotes, webpages have links. They both accomplish about the same thing, that is, each provides more information for the reader who is interested in pursuing it.

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For those of you who have not yet noticed, the web presents far more than words on a page. This page is very "word-intensive," but even here there is more information in these words than you could find on any paper page. That is because this page contains LINKS.

Links are often pictures or other graphics that appear on your screen, like those that you see on the margins of this page and accross the top. Links can also be contained in the printed words themselves. They usually give themselves away by appearing in a different color than the rest of the text.

The link to the Mail City link is one example of a text link on this page. When you click on the words Mail City link , your screen blanks out for a few seconds perhaps, but then it shows you a new with a box that you can click on to go to the Mail City sign-up page.

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This little music player works almost like a cassette tape player. You can stop the music by clicking on the square button that looks the the stop button on a tape player. If you want to start the music again, click on the triangle-shaped button that points to the right. If you want to rewind, click on the triangle-shaped button that points to the left.
Would you like this music to keep playing while you continue to browse the web? Just click on the lighter color rectangle at the top right corner of the player. If you want to know what to call this player, it's commonly referred to as "a Crescendo player," unless your browser is set up to use another kind of music player by default. More on that later....much later.

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