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Affiliate programs are offered by different companies and organizations as a way to generate traffic to their websites and to compensate webmasters for making the referrals. There are stories of webmasters who have made untold fortunes with affiliate programs, but the personal experience of the WebPixies is somewhat different. No fortunes are being made but it is a nice boost to see the pennies and nickels start to add up. As long as the penny-count continues in an upward direction, the WebPixies remain encouraged to build more sites that visitors will hopefully find more and more interesting and more and more useful.

The following links will introduce you to different affiliate programs, including those offered by the EdgeviewNet WebPixies. Browse around and see which affiliate links you would like to have on your site. EdgeviewNet affiliates
Commission Junction EdgeviewNet Commission Junction affiliates
Linkshare EdgeviewNet's Linkshare affiliates affilate options

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