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Edgeview Before Spring
at least it's March
Finally it was March on Edgeview Rd, but the snow was still on the ground. It was not long after, though, when I got to hear this sound for the very first time this year.

Listen carefully,
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you'll hear him too!

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Then today the snow was mostly gone, the sunrise was beautiful

The days this time of year are always so unpredictable. There is no denying, though, that the days are getting longer and soon it really will be springtime at Edgeview once again.

But what are a couple old fogies to do on a beautiful pre-spring Friday night in the country? Well, this Friday night they ended up watching a Roy Orbison special on PBS and liked it so much that they just had to get the DVD.
And it's right here
Check it out!
and of course it's available in VHS format also....
just click the cover art below
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